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Welcome to Elpis Therapy

  • Have you had enough of always being the strong one, or the brave one?

  • Are you ready to unearth a difficult, buried memory?

  • Are you not waving, but drowning, and feel no-one’s noticed?

  • Have you realised that all you and your partner seem to do is argue?

  • Do you need help to find the language to talk about things you don’t really want to even think about?

  • Is your relationship with your child, parent or friend different to how it used to be?

  • Are you fed up of putting on your smile, when all you want to do is cry?

  • Are you grieving the loss of someone that no-one else even knew you loved?

  • Do you feel you’ve already lost someone to dementia or other illness, despite them being with you every day? 

  • Are you struggling with monogamy in your relationship and wondering what to do?

  • Do you feel guilty that someone close took their own life and you couldn’t stop them?

  • Have you realised that your eating habits have changed - and wonder why?

  • Do you feel you’re not coping well enough after someone close has died?

  • Do you feel feel you should be feeling sadder following a death?

  • Do you feel that all the bad things that happen in your life are punishment for your past?

  • Is it hard to share your feelings with your partner, and feel you need a mediator?

Jo Paine MBACP

It might be time to get some professional help.

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