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My qualifications and some further training

Jo Paine


PG Diploma Counselling & Psychotherapy - Leeds Beckett University

PG Cert Interpersonal & Counselling Skills - Leeds Beckett University

PG Cert in Education (PGCE) (Ages 11-18, English) - Leeds Trinity University

BA (Hons) English & History - University of Northumbria

Some recent training

Supporting clients affected by dementia (NCPS) - May 2024

Forgiveness in mental health (TR Together) - May 2024

Self esteem and TA (Frances Townsend) - April 2024

Rewind trauma technique (David Muss) - April 2024

Couples therapy with Orna Guralnik (TR Together) - March 2024

Healing trauma: essential strategies for shame, self-loathing and working with the body (Janina Fisher) - February 2024

The echo of trauma in love: how distress affects your sex life (Kalanit Ben-Ari) - February 2024

Breath and movement practices for deep relaxation, restoration and letting go (Kate Williams) - December 2023

Experiencing change: an existential perspective (Ernesto Spinelli) - October 2023

Trauma and the menopause - 2 parts (Aneesh de Vos) - October 2023

Healing childhood wounds through relational depth (Kate Williams) - October 2023 

Guilt and shame workshop (Stefan Charidge) - August 2023

Couples therapy: a practical masterclass (Human Givens) - June 2023

Understanding self harm (Battle Scars) - June 2023

Habitual worry, repetitive fantasizing, and obsession (Richard Erskine) - April 2023

Intro to eating disorders (Battle Scars) - April 2023

Gambling awareness (Gamcare) - March 2023

The therapist as human: an existential perspective (Ernesto Spinelli) - March 2023

Understanding and working with clients with addiction issues - March 2023
Suicide awareness - March 2023

Working with adoptees - February 2023

Self-compassion (Kate Williams) - January 2023

Understanding domestic abuse and coercive control - December 2022

Choice: an existential perspective (Ernesto Spinelli) - October 2022

Pluralistic counselling for loss and grief - 3 parts (John Wilson) - October 2022

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